IMPORTANT MESSAGE: SMARTFIND Phone Number 910-500-1379 We have received several calls in reference to two substitutes showing up for the same job when a specified was listed for the position. Please make sure that your staff is aware that when entering an absence into Smartfind and they are specifying a sub, they will need to click the button that says the substitute as ACCEPTED the job. If they DO NOT the system will call the specified sub first to offer them the job, however, if they do not answer the system will then start calling other subs. If another sub should accept the position even if there is a specified sub assigned (but not accepted) then the substitute that accepts the job in the system gets the job, not the specified sub.

SMARTFIND SYSTEM PHONE NUMBER *****910-500-1379***** **IMPORTANT NOTES*** Your connection to WebCenter will timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity. Always use the navigation buttons on WebCenter screens. To Employees: For login..use your Employee ID number as your ID and your pin number as your password. To Substitutes: Use your Employee ID number as your User ID and your pin number as your password. For Pin Number retrieval, please call 678-2632. The system operator will verify your pin for you or reset it. Please click on the following links to view orientation videos on how to register and use SmartFindExpress:
Employee Orientation Video
Substitute Orientation Video

QuickTime is needed to view videos. Download here. "ATTENTION" To all substitutes. We are looking for people with "SIGNING" or "HEARING - IMPAIRED Interpretation skills. If you have these skills or training, please send an e-mail to TO ALL BOOKKEEPERS: Please send Name, Employee ID, Classification of all NEW Employees or employees transferring to your location to so they can be added to your location in Smartfind.